Take It to the Streets Canada is an Sole Propriety Business, serviced by Service Ontario Canada, with a B.I.N No. which is now a License No. I have been in Conduct throughout Canada since year 2015 onward. I am an Activist, realist, Christian, and motivator to our world systems, Governments, making a difference in our community, with Priority in my movement towards better Lives, Heathy, innovated, changed for better, with a reason to live. have a dream in my Heart. A Dream for Better avenues, in our Systems, making lives and survival better for all. All Countries, and Nationalities. I am a Non-Violent, and Non-Racist Business. I do not work in acts of Discrimination, but I move towards Consultation, standing in the Gap, for all Lives, bettering our community, reaching out in Love, offering Consulting Methods with activist approach, through phone and Letters. If you are in need of Activist approach through Letter written or a phone call, to help with injustice acts in your lives, then you can contact me. Tell your Story Specifically and we will work together and take action over your issues. I have worked in Politic, Law and social fields since 2009 onward. My best Quality is Law , and Politics. I ran in 2018 for Mayor in London Ontario Canada, first in Canada, who ran as an independent runner to get halfway up polls in History. I have worked with Police Throughout Ontario Canada over 13 years. Experienced in Law and Social, and still Learning, as I go. I believe Life Experience is the best Teacher for Everyone Globally. Peace Be With you.